About Us

Fresh Aire Farms was founded in spring of 2015 to produce wonderfully fresh farm products for the people of central North Carolina. The farm is run off of solar power from our panels with a little LP gas for hot water. The farm now sits on a 150 acre tract bordered by forests and Richland creek. The farm is still under construction as many of our wonderful customers know. The long term goal is to build a farm to customer network that allows the people to get good food and products from local and loyal producers.

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What we do

At Fresh Aire Farms we specialize in fresh, local farm products raised in such a way as to be sustainable from start to finish. We grow our Irish Dexter cattle on pasture with hay that we put up ourselves. We forage feed our Kune Kune pigs on pasture and woodlot. We raise our poultry out on pasture in our Poultry Rotation Units, (known as P.R.U.s). Our layers range behind the larger animals aerating and fertilizing the soil while producing eggs the color of sunshine.

Pasture Raised Dexter Beef

We raise Irish Dexter cattle at Fresh Aire Farms. They are a heritage breed that is smaller than many other breeds of cattle. Our beef is raised on pasture with hay from our fields. We also use Sunrise Farms NON-GMO feed as a special treat for the cattle.

Forage Fed

 Kune Kune Pork

We raise Kune Kune pigs originally from New Zealand. They are an amazing variety of swine capable of grazing and growing almost exclusively on grass without rooting or destroying the pasture. The pigs also get the Sunrise Farms Feed.



We raise Freedom Rangers our on pasture each spring and summer and fall. Our birds are raised on the NON-GMO feed from day one. They are never fed antibiotics or given hormones or steroids.



We raise turkeys our on pasture each autumn finishing just in time for Thanksgiving. Our turkeys are fed the NON-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms.

Pasture Ranged


Here at Fresh Aire Farms we keep our layer flock in a rolling chicken coop that moves through the pasture after the larger animals. Our hens get the same great feed from Sunrise Farms and all the natural food they can eat. Our eggs often capture the color of sunshine!

Fresh Raw 


We often have extra milk from our cows available. Give us a call to talk about milk! (In North Carolina it is not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption, all milk being sold is sold labeled "Not For Human Consumption")