Welcome to our Farm

At Fresh Aire Farms we strive to produce the best products in a way that is both sustainable and renewable. We are currently in our third year of production, going into our fourth! Our Farm is located in Asheboro North Carolina in a small community called Grantville. The farm sits on a 150 acre tract of land with over 3600' of creek frontage. We raise Irish Dexter Cattle for Beef, Freedom Ranger Broilers for Chicken, Pastured Layers for Eggs, and we keep three Rocky Mountain Mares around for draft power. 

Pastured Whole Animal Ground Beef

When we have an animal processed for beef we have the butcher grind every single cut of meat. What this means is that our ground beef is unlike any other. It is about a 93/7 on fat, it taste like steak, and it does not need any extra grease to cook, and it will not leave any behind in the pan. If you are looking for a lean but juicy ground beef than give us a try!

Pasture Raised NON-GMO Fed Whole Chicken

We raise our Freedom Rangers out on pasture from an early age to ensure ample time to develop a deep chicken flavor that comes from: fresh air, sunshine, and a good amount of exercise. We only feed a NON-GMO Feed that is grown and milled right here in North Carolina! 

Pasture Raised NON-GMO Fed


Here at Fresh Aire Farms we keep a layer flock out on pasture to both sanitize the pastures by eating bugs and to produce the freshest eggs around. Our layers are moved regularly to new ground to provide a fresh buffet of grass and insects. 

Farm Raised Pork

We currently have a supply of farm raised ground pork. It is about an 80/20 with very good flavor. This is a seasonal product so when its gone, its gone!

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